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Longo’s new Stouffville, Ont. store marks a milestone for Longo Brothers Fruit Markets. It’s the 33rd store in the grocer’s chain, and the first sustainable store in Canada that is designed to use 35 per cent less energy than other supermarkets and will produce 65 per cent of its own energy using renewable technologies.

“The store uses 35 per cent less energy than a standard supermarket, and is developing 65 per cent of its own energy,” says Rosanne Longo, spokesperson and brand ambassador.

The 40,000 sq ft store plans to reduce 1,500 to 2,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, which equates to removing up to 366 cars off the road annually. The federal government provided $1.44 million to help build the energy efficient store, which Longo’s built in partnership with Neelands Group Ltd. and s2e Technologies Inc.

Glenn Macnab is the new store manager who will lead the 160-member team.

The store will feature Longo’s Living Well section and in-house registered dietician Sandra Edwards as well the trademark elements of a Longo’s store: fresh salad bar and fresh sushi bar; full service deli and seafood counters, a mozzarella-making station, in-store bakery, juice bar, Starbucks coffee shop and the Longo’s Loft Cooking School, located on the upper level.

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