Mama Earth Organics has launched reusable and recyclable frozen bins that can be returned after delivery. All of its frozen products can now be delivered in a reusable frozen bin, which chief executive officer Mary Graham says is a first for the industry.

“Using this bin will save over 255,000 feet of plastic packing tape and almost 600 trees in the next year! The bin itself is even Canadian made as it’s designed and manufactured in Montreal to ensure we’re supporting the Canadian economy wherever possible,” says Graham.

There are no plans with other grocery stores at this time and the focus is on Ontario-local foods.

“For the future of sustainable grocery delivery, we hope to see the industry adopt more strategies for supporting a circular economy, an alternative to the traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) and instead prioritize the continuous use of resources. Big or small, good choices add up and that’s how we can all have a lasting positive impact on the world,” says Graham.

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