McCain funds Nuggs

McCain Foods is investing US$7 million in a new startup that is bringing to market what it says is the most advanced plant-based chicken nugget yet developed.

Launched by a 19-year-old tech wunderkind and entrepreneur Ben Pasternak, Nuggs has already spent over a year researching the new product, which uses an advanced texturized pea protein technology “to create a nugget with the best texture, crunch and taste.”

Unlike other meat-substitute nuggets on the market, the Nuggs product is free from major allergens, including eggs, wheat, dairy and soy, the company says. “Additionally, they have a higher protein content (22g per serving) and are lower in calories (180 calories per serving) than regular chicken nuggets and are free from cholesterol and antibiotics.”

Reflecting his tech roots, Pasternak says he will periodically improve the product formula based on user feedback, much in the same way apps are refined.

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