French s French s Ketchup Launches Wear Your Local Pride Move

To honour the summer season, French's Ketchup has launched its "Wear Your Local Pride" movement, in collaboration with Quebec Visual Artist, Antoine Tava, in which ketchup stains become a symbol of pride for all things local.

The movement is embodied in an official, limited-edition t-shirt that lets Canadians showcase their love of all things local. During the final weeks of summer and popular grilling season, French's is celebrating the pride of being made locally, like French's Ketchup, made with 100 per cent Canadian tomatoes, also blended and bottled in Canada.

"There is no doubt that Canadians coast-to-coast share our enthusiasm for local heritage and passion for food and flavour, especially when it comes to grilling, barbeques, and spending time outdoors. But the idea of getting ketchup on your shirt is – most of the time – mortifying. This summer, it's a sign of food well enjoyed, especially if it's French's Ketchup," says David Holman, group marketing manager for French's. "It's not summer without French's. In 2021, we're excited to help Canadians show local support and wear their pride directly on their sleeve – well, in this case, shirt."

The limited-edition "Wear Your Local Pride" t-shirt, designed by Antoine Tava, is a colourful ketchup badge of honour that can be embraced by Canadians everywhere. Inspired by a ketchup stain using French's Ketchup to spell the word 'local' on a hotdog, it represents hometowns, homegrown food, and what makes the summer season special; the people, memorable meals, and support for one another.

"Together with French's, we wanted to create a memorable design that would combine the essence of French's Ketchup, summertime grilling and our love of local," says Antoine Tava, artist. "Food, much like art, is a universal language that reaches across borders and I am excited to lend my signature drip style to this one-of-a-kind statement piece that I hope anyone would be proud to wear."

Torontonian dancer and content creator, Donte Colley, is debuting the "Wear Your Local Pride" t-shirt on instagram to celebrate the summer grilling season. The perfect spokesperson for the movement, he embodies confidence, joy, and honour in himself and supporting local farmers and producers.

"I'm excited to collaborate with French's on the "Wear Your Local Pride" movement to celebrate communities across Canada," says Colley. "We want to inspire Canadians to be 100 per cent authentically themselves. Let's celebrate summer and get out and grill, wearing our ketchup stains with pride."

As part of highlighting the beauty of local, French's has supported communities across the nation through Food Banks Canada since 2015. This contribution impacts more than 4,700 Food Banks and agencies from coast to coast, continuing with "Wear Your Local Pride."



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