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A new brand loyalty program between marketing company bicom and European tech startup Spitche, lets brands find and reward their most active customers.

Called b nation, the online platform is built around superfans who share a brand’s values and actively engage with them on social media. It allows customers to collect points and get rewards.

"This new C2C (consumer to consumer) approach has the potential for exponential and multidirectional growth," says Vicky Boudreau, bicom co-founder and chair of the board. "It's a word-of-mouth 3.0 that can also act as a lever for employer brand action, enlisting employees to boost recruitment in the midst of an ongoing worker shortage."

The idea of using CRM (customer relationship management) software for influencer marketing campaigns sets the stage for a new kind of influencer marketing on both sides of the Atlantic.

Bicom launched Canada’s first “nano-influencer community in 2010. Nano influencers—who are active on social media—test products and experiences and share brand content on their personal platforms. The new collaboration will synergize with a community of some 2,000 nano influencers whose engagement rate is 3 to 6 times higher and whose influence is 10 times that of the media, celebrities, and influencers.

CPG brands building loyalty programs via a C2C channel (if they include a direct-to-consumer purchasing element) means that shoppers aren’t necessarily purchasing their products in-store or via grocers’ respective online platforms. On the other hand, loyalty programs help to build brand awareness and can increase shoppers purchasing of these brands in-store or online through grocer platforms.

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