Coop Alentour has announced organizational changes. The independent grocery business has been located in Sherbrooke, Que. for over 40 years.

Retail activities will be centralized at the store located on Jean-Paul-Perrault Street. Customers will continue to find the products sold by La Grande Ruche, which will close its doors in the coming weeks. Coop Alentour is also putting an end to its distribution activities and its private brand Artisan Tradition. The facilities and assets of the Sherbrooke distribution center are for sale.

Coop Alentour will be working with consulting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, specializing in operational and financial restructuring plans, to ensure the survival and recovery of the Coop.

All employees will be supported during this transitional period in their professional lives.

"We explored several scenarios to ensure that we could maintain all operations and continue to serve our customers successfully. The decisions were difficult. We would like to thank our employees, customers and suppliers for their trust and commitment,” said Jean Hogue, general manager at the Coop Alentour.


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