PepsiCo has introduced pep+ (pep Positive), a strategic end-to-end transformation with sustainability at the centre of how the company will create growth and value by operating within planetary boundaries and inspiring positive change for the planet and people. pep+ will guide how PepsiCo will transform its business operations: from sourcing ingredients and making and selling its products in a more sustainable way, to leveraging its more than one billion connections with consumers each day to take sustainability mainstream and engage people to make choices that are better for themselves and the planet.  

Grocery Business spoke with Cara Keating, president of PepsiCo Foods Canada. “pep+ is the future of our company, and will change how our brands show up and how they win in the marketplace. It is a bold, ambitious plan that transforms everything from how we source ingredients, to how we make and sell our products; or inspire consumers through our iconic brands to make better choices for themselves and the planet; and how we support communities and improve livelihoods throughout our supply chain. I’m proud that we’ve already begun this journey in Canada by sustainably sourcing 100 per cent of the Canadian potatoes used in our Lay’s, Ruffles and Miss Vickie’s potato chips, in the extensive work underway as we strive to achieve a Net-Zero and Net Water Positive supply chain.”

Mike Ruff, president of PepsiCo Beverages Canada adds that “we know more and more people are purchasing with purpose, expecting—as they should—that corporations take accountability for the role and impact they have on the planet. Through pep+, we intend to use our global iconic brands to educate, appeal and inspire diverse cohorts of consumers to take positive actions and make better choices for themselves and the planet. As one of the key PepsiCo Positive pillars, we’re proud of the work PepsiCo Canada has done to introduce more sustainable packaging into the value chain. Our brands are helping us lead the way and accelerate towards our sustainable packaging vision. What this means for retailers in Canada is that we’re focused on expanding which brands we offer in rPET bottles.”

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