Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) has implemented a mentorship program to help businesses growth their plant-based brands in retail.

The mentorship program is unique, says Leslie Ewing, executive director of PBFC, a division of Food, Health and Consumer Products of Canada.

“The real benefit to this program is the story from the trends, from industry veterans and from start-ups. As more emerging companies have joined our organization together with industry veterans who are part of our group, we knew there was something here for cross-learning from both groups.”

Entitled “Plant-EMPowered Talk Series” the launch includes three episodes that will run online. Episode 1 will focus on marketing strategies, episode 2 will explore go-to-market ideas and the third in the series will look at finance and investment plans.

“We’re very excited to formally launch the first of 3 Plant EMPowered Talk Series modules,” says Michael Lines, president and CEO of Wellness Natural Inc. who chairs the Plant-Powered Expert Committee overseeing the mentorship program.  “The plant-based category is growing quickly with new brands entering the space all the time.  To help support our amazing members, we recognized an opportunity to share ideas and experiences “from the trenches”.

Each of the 90-minute sessions include presentations from experts who will share tips and tools for branding and a panel discussion with industry leaders including Lines, Michael Watt, CEO of Daiya, Ken Cross, chief marketing officer at Sol Cuisine, Suzie York, founder of Love Good Fats and Jake Karls, co-founder of Mid-Day Squares.

“We’re using the hashtag industryhelpingindustry because our panelists in the mentorship program are already giving back or ready to give back and emerging companies in this space are hungry for guidance and input,” says Ewing.

For details about attending the event, visit Plant-Based Foods of Canada online.

The member-only event will be opened up for emerging companies in the plant-based foods space.

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