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Sol Cuisine shareholders have approved the acquisition by PlantPlus Foods Canada Inc. 

The $125 million cash acquisition of the publicly-traded company was approved by 100 per cent of shareholder votes. Sol Cuisine announced the proposed acquisition in November 2021.

At that time, Dror Balshine, founder and president of Sol Cuisine, said that "by partnering with PlantPlus Foods, Sol Cuisine gains additional tools to scale, including capital, access to best-in-class ingredient suppliers and technologies, and the backing of premier operations and leading food technologies."

The company's range of plant-based products is produced at Sol Cuisine's two facilities in Mississauga, Ont., totalling 35,000 sq ft and capable of supporting up to 10 million kilograms of volume annually.

PlantPlus Foods offers a wide range of finished plant-based food products across North and South America.

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