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A new Canadian study from Empathy in partnership with vividata suggests that the popularity of meal kits like Goodfood, HelloFresh, and Chefs Plate enjoyed during the pandemic will begin to wane as we move toward a post-pandemic world. 

Key takeaways

  • 82 per cent said the pandemic did play a role in subscribing to meal kits
  • 48 per cent said it was to discover new recipes
  • 46 per cent it was due to restaurant closures during lockdown
  • 79 per cent of people try and then reject meal kits because they are too expensive

The study shows that as our meal options begin to open again, and our disposable income becomes spread across restaurants and entertainment in a post-pandemic life, meal kits are destined to fall out of fashion. 

The study also found interesting data comparing meal kit adoption between those who are single and seeking partners vs. those who aren’t.

  • 91 per cent of those who described themselves as “seeking out new partners” said the pandemic played a role in subscribing to meal kits
  • 30 per cent of partner-seekers also looked at meal kits as a date-night option vs.14 per cent of those not looking for a partner

Read the full study here.

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