Quebec investors have created a specialized bakery and pastry platform by investing in two companies with products sold in Ontario and Eastern Canada grocery stores.

Lead by Champlain Financial Corp., the group has acquired Maison Isabelle Inc. and will combine it with Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Dumas.

The new entity will be led by Dominique Bohec, son of the founders of La Petite Bretonne.

Maison Isabelle specializes in the manufacture of four-quarter style cakes sold across Cnaada while Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Dumas is a maker and supplier of puff pastry, and croissants sold in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

Bohec, who is currently the president and shareholder of Maison Isabelle, acquired the business in 2015 and says his vision then was “to bring our industry together by creating a platform under the name Bakery Humanity to build a dominant player in the industry. When Champlain approached me, I really saw the opportunity to join forces to achieve this goal. Each business owned by Bakery Humanity will be operated independently and must have a sustainable development plan based on the environment, respect and social contribution.”

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