Fergus new online organic grocer

A new online grocery store for organic food offers home delivery without a subscription plan. Fergus is the latest in a string of new offerings for online grocery and home delivery.

Fergus focuses on organics, offering seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats and personal care items.

Fergus is the combination of Quebec-based companies Jardins de la Montagne and Jardins des Agnes, businesses founded by women who believe in sustainability.

“When you choose Fergus, you’re contributing to feeding future generations by living more sustainably,” says Alexandre Beaulieu, general manager at Fergus. “That’s because we respect the land we grow our produce on, and we care about the kind of impact that nutritious eating has on our health and our world.”

In addition to being an online grocery store, Fergus operates a local organic farm where they grow certified organic fruits and vegetables. It also conducts business with local and international producers for quality organic flavours all year round.

Fergus’ founders says they want to introduce families to different flavours from all over the world, as well as make organically-farmed goods more accessible, and help Quebecers eat better.

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