Walmart Canada Marketplace ENG POS 07 6 2021

Walmart Canada has expanded its Marketplace program, reporting it has reached a milestone of more than 175 third-party sellers for its Marketplace Grocery offering.

According to Walmart Canada, this expansion provides more choice for customers and enables local Canadian companies and brands to reach customers through eCommerce.

More than 20,000 grocery items are now available through Marketplace which launched in 2017. In 2020 Walmart Canada also partnered with Shopify.

The company reports that seller onboarding more than doubled between January and June of this year.

“Offering our customers more choice is at the core of our business, and that extends to our new Marketplace Grocery offering,” says Daniel Farmer, vice president of digital platforms and Marketplace, Walmart Canada. “At the same time, we’re enabling local Canadian companies and brands to reach our customers in an increasingly competitive eCommerce environment. This is a really exciting time to be shopping online and it’s only the start of our journey to provide exciting grocery experiences online through Marketplace. The opportunities are endless: someday, you could even order a fresh lobster from the East Coast from”

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