Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards

The Retail Council of Canada has revealed the finalists for the 27th Annual Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards.

The finalists reflect current trends among Canadians for more plant-based food products and innovations that offer restaurant-quality foods at home.

“Now more than ever Canadians are seeking new products to keep the home menu diverse and exciting” said Diane J. Brisebois, president and CEO, Retail Council of Canada. “Canadians are craving genuine newness and retailers have delivered. This year’s products are outstanding and our panel of 34 jurors were especially impressed with the quality and flavor profile of these products.”

Marcus A. Von Albrecht, chef and jury chair who has overseen the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards judging for the last 21 years, adds that “each year the trends become very apparent, what stood out to the jury this year was the development and availability of plant-based food products. In recent years restaurants have increased and improved the plant-based food offerings and now we are seeing high quality products Canadian can enjoy at home.”

The winners of the 27th Annual Canadian Grand Prix will be announced this summer.

For a complete list of the winners and product images, visit the Canadian Grand Prix online.

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