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Saputo Inc. has announced the acquisition of dairy alternative brand Bute Island Foods, a vegan cheese brand, and Reedsburg Facility for value-added ingredients.

Bute Island Foods is a manufacturer of dairy-free cheeses and private label brands. The business acquired is based in the United Kingdom and employs 180 people.

“Our commitment remains to expand our footprint in the dairy alternatives space to meet the changing demands of our customers and consumers,” says Lino A. Saputo, chair of the board and chief executive officer, Saputo Inc. “This investment marks an important milestone that will allow us to accelerate our growth in this area globally, putting innovation at the forefront of our priorities.”

Reedsburg facility of Wisconsin, US, manufactures value-added ingredients like goat whey, organic lactose and dairy powders. It employs 40 people.

Both acquisitions are a combined investment of about $187 million.

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