Save on Foods pharmacy

Save-On-Foods is expanding its on-demand telemedicine services to more customers by providing a link on its website.

Earlier this year, the grocer along with partner CloudMD, announced its plan to pilot telemedicine kiosks in nine pharmacies across B.C. Customers could see a doctor virtually for prescriptions and non-emergency health concerns in real time on site and then prescriptions could be submitted directly to the same pharmacy.

Save-On-Foods is now expanding the service by providing a virtual telemedicine link on its website., which is free for customers. It means that customers can now either see a doctor via the kiosks virtually or with the online link from any device.

Embedded into Save-On-Foods' website, the telemedicine link will allow customers to see a licensed doctor for various types of medical visits including prescriptions, referrals, health related questions, sick notes, lab referrals and review of test results, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. To support this, the Save-On-Foods pharmacy team is offering prescription deliveries.

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