Empire Company Limited

With news of the further lockdowns in parts of the country, Empire Company Limited has introduced a temporary lockdown pay in parts of Ontario and in Western Canada.

Earlier this week, the Sobeys West Inc. banner reintroduced the temporary bonus because of lockdown measures in the region. The bonus, introduced on November 12, will last until December 12, although the date may change depending on changing circumstances.

On November 20, the company said it would award bonus pay to staff in parts of Ontario affected by lockdowns in the province. Jacqueliln Weatherbee, Empire's vice president of communications and corporate affairs told BNN Bloomberg that the company is "implementing this temporary lockdown period to recognize our teammates in Peel and Toronto for their continued commitment to serve our customers. We fundamentally believe this is the right thing to do. The lock down bonus is a temporary program that will reward our teammates for the amount of time they work during the lockdonw period. The more a teammate works during the government mandated lockdown, the more they earn."

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