SLN 4582Paul Collette, project manager, and Danica Parilac, store manager at Longo’s Walkers Line.

In September, Longo's completed an unprecedented renovation of its 30-year-old Walkers Line store in Burlington, Ont. With an overall objective to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy management, Longo's Walkers Line was renovated from top to bottom, inside and out to meet these goals.

Key team members Paul Collette, project manager, and Danica Parilac, store manager, gave Grocery Business a tour. They explained the processes involved, and that just about every piece of in-store equipment has been replaced with the latest, most efficient, customer-friendly technology. 

Sustainability features of the store include solar panels; CO2 refrigeration (one of the few full conversions in Ontario from a CFC-based conventional refrigeration system) achieved with local partner Neelands Group; combined cooling, heating and power (CCHP); all organic waste is sent to anaerobic digestion where it is transformed into energy and fertilizer (with a goal to divert 90 per cent of all waste from landfill by 2025); LED lighting throughout the store and parking lot; and food donations through Second Harvest.

Additionally, the store sells Fairtrade bananas, 75 per cent local produce from Ontario during peak growing season; 100 per cent of fresh chicken, pork, lamb, turkey and veal sold is from Ontario; 100 per cent of seafood to be sourced sustainably by 2025; plastic bag recycling is available to customers, and more. 


SLN 4554Completely new kitchen with hot table, ready-to-eat meals, salad bar and state-of-the-art equipment.

SLN 4557Produce area walls are covered with living moss.

SLN 4562A doored beer fridge area mid-store.

SLN 4571Refrigerated areas have cold-trapping screens like the one demonstrated in the photo and/or glass doors to prevent wasted cooling and energy.

SLN 4575 All refrigerated areas have light, easy-to-open glass doors to prevent wasted cooling and energy.

SLN 4576Boutique-style pharmacy area centralized in-store.

SLN 4639

SLN 4642

SLN 4643

SLN 4653

SLN 4657

SLN 4660Standalone floral and gift shop in-store.

 SLN 4624Leading-edge gas turbine systems outside the store, these microturbines can maintain refrigeration throughout power outages to prevent product loss, food and energy wastage.

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