According to OPMA’s Quarterly Report, Q2 2023, Ontarians spent slightly more per household on fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer packaged goods—products in Q2, perhaps reflective of the inflationary environment. The report findings also show an increase in the number of trips the average Ontario household made (purchase frequency), reflecting an increase in deal-seeking due to price increases. The increase in trips was offset by spending less per trip.

Ontarians spent less per household on produce in Q2. The OPMA saw a slight increase in the number of trips the average Ontario household made (purchase frequency), and shoppers spent less per trip on produce when compared with last year

The report also offers responses to the following questions:

  • How did Canadian consumer sentiment change in Q2 2023?
  • How did Ontario shoppers shift their behaviour in Q2 for Total FMCG?
  • How do Ontario shoppers feel about inflation?
  • What should we expect from shoppers in the near future?
  • How did Ontario shoppers’ produce purchase behaviour shift in Q2?

The OPMA partnered with Numerator, a data and tech company reinventing the market research industry with first-party, consumer-sourced data to provide quarterly consumer insights and trends in Ontario shopper behaviour by retail channel and category. Following are some key research findings from the May to July 2023 Ontario Produce Shopper Snapshot:

  • Consumer financial concern remains high and 58% of consumers rate their level of concern for the economy as 8/10 or higher.
  • 69 per cent of Canadian shoppers say rising gas prices are impacting their ability to afford other things.
  • In Q2 2023, the average Ontario household made 24.1 trips for produce and spent $280 on produce.
  • The number of households buying produce in the discount grocery channel increased by 0.3 PT. However, spending per trip decreased by 7.4%.
  • 9% per cent fewer households bought salad kits in Q2 2023 vs Q2 YAGO. However, those who did purchase spent 4.7% more on salad kits.
  • 14 per cent few households purchased fresh grapes in Q2 2023 vs Q2 YAGO. However, those how purchased spent 15% more on fresh grapes per trip.
  • 65 per cent of Canadian consumers expect the economy will worsen in the next few months and 75% of Canadian consumers think inflation will increase in the next few months.

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