Nourish Marketing held its annual webinar with president Jo-Ann McArthur. According to the ‘2023 Nourish Network Trend Report,’ 2023 will bring us the following food, beverage, and agriculture trends:

  • The Rise of Reducatarianism: Trading “either/or” for “everything, but less”
  • Good Eats, Better Sleeps: The role of food as a sleep aid to promote overall well-being
  • This One’s for the Ladies: Female food is a missed opportunity we can no longer overlook
  • Food Without Borders: Social media unites us globally so we can shop and cook together
  • Robots, AI, and Connected Kitchens: Food automation takes an overdue leap forward
  • Breaking the Chains: Localized production offers an alternative to shaky global supply chains
  • Closing the Loop: Self-contained food systems are the future
  • From Science Fiction to Science Farming: Ag innovation sees exponential growth to meet environmental and market needs
  • Solidarity for Sustainability: The future of eco-conscious agriculture is cooperative


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