The Grocery Foundation held a thank you event for retail and supplier partners for their participation in this year’s Toonies for Tummies campaign and the Night to Nurture gala. 

1. 20210922 171905 copyScott Lorimer, Maple Leaf Foods; Ray Hepworth and Sal Galle, Food Basics; and Shaun McKenna, Grocery Foundation


2. 20210922 171057Jana Sobey and Julia Knox, Sobeys


3. 20210922 171459Iven Znardo, Lactalis; Carmela Serebryany, Upper Crust; and Tom Gunter, T.A.. Marketplace Consulting


4. 20210922 172049Vince Mendes De Franca, General Mills; Leslie Mackay and Tebbie Chuchla, Conagra Brands Canada




8. 20210922 173045Michael Rose, Ray Hepworth and George Kioussis, Metro; and Robert Shapiro, Robert Shapiro and Associates

 6. 20210922 175330 copy copy Stacey Kravitz, UNFI Canada and Stephane Mercier, Kraft Heinz

9. 20210922 175221Margaret Hudson, John McFall and Iain McRuvie from Burnbrae Farms with Shelagh McRuvie and Gabby Nobrega from The Grocery Foundation


10. 20210922 174617Tom Shurrie, CFIG, Michael Ruff; Pepsico Beverages, Tony Mongillo Metro


11. 20210922 172009George Kioussis Metro Tony Chow Kellogg Dan Bajor Upfield, Jim Kelly and Stephane Mercier, Kraft Heinz


12. 20210922 170908Martin Parent, Mondelez, Michael Medline, Sobeys, Shaun McKenna, The Grocery Foundation


13 20210922 170725Gabby Nobrega, The Grocery Foundation, Marie Eve Royer, Bimbo Canada, Marie-Josée Boies, Bimbo Canada Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine





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