Tim Hortons Tim Hortons launches holiday TV commercial and child

Tim Hortons has launched its holiday campaign with a 60-second TV commercial and a children's book called "A Nest in the North," with 100 per cent of the proceeds from book sales being donated to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

The holiday campaign features a heartwarming story about having to leave home under difficult circumstances and seeking a new life in a foreign land. The whimsical campaign includes a Canadian Goose as the welcoming figure who takes in newcomers, even if they're from a different flock.

To accompany the TV commercial entitled "KindNest," Tim Hortons co-developed "A Nest in the North" with Veronika Kotyk, an illustrator and graphic designer who made her journey to Canada from Ukraine in June 2022.

"I'm extremely grateful for the chance to share a story so close to my own personal experiences and the experiences of many others who were forced to leave their 'nests' for different reasons," said Kotyk.

"A Nest in the North" is available to purchase as a hard-copy book or eBook at anestinthenorth.ca and 100 per cent of proceeds from sales will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency.

"We're thrilled to have worked with Veronika to create this beautiful book and to be donating 100 per cent of the proceeds from sales of the book to UNHCR," said Bagozzi.

"This story so eloquently captures the essence of forced displacement, and as UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, we are excited to see it reach Canadians," says Valerie Agawin, interim head of private sector partnerships, UNHCR Canada. "We encourage all Canadians to show their support and thank everyone involved in making this special partnership happen."

"KindNest" and "A Nest in the North" were developed in partnership with creative agency GUT Toronto.

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