The Very Good Butchers lineup

UNFI has signed a distribution deal with The Very Good Food Company to distribute the company's "The Very Good Butchers" lineup of products across Canada,

Through its ongoing effort to bring The Very Good Butchers brand to more consumers, the company has increased points of distribution within its existing wholesale partnerships to 275 stores, in addition to the new distribution agreement with UNFI. This represents an increase of 34% above the previously reported figure in July 2020.

"The distribution agreement with UNFI is a particularly exciting achievement for us, as it opens up the potential for significant expansion across North America utilizing UNFl's vast distribution networ," says Mitchell Scott, CEO of The Very Good Food Company. "We are thrilled to have the support from this leading wholesale distributor as we continue to significantly scale our production."

Under the agreeement the company will send its first shipment of product to Eastern Canada within the coming weeks.

The Very Good Food Company Inc. is an emerging plant-based food technology company that designs, develops, produces, distributes and sells a variety of plant-based meat and other food alternatives.


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