Penguin Pick-Up

As online shopping becomes more popular, parcel pick-up depots become more numerous, particularly in urban areas. To deal with the double-digit growth in online ordering, retailers, including grocers, are scrambling to establish partnerships with companies such as Penguin Pick-up that provide a solution to the challenges of the “last mile”; affordably connecting consumers with their online purchases.

In a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, a new Penguin Pick-up location prominently displays signage above dedicated computer terminals, making it possible for consumers to pick up and order at the same location. 

A Walmart Canada source told Grocery Business that the company has used the Penguin Pick-up service for just over a year because it provides a convenient way for customers, who may not live near a Walmart store, to take delivery of their online purchases. 

The sites are permanent locations and although this particular downtown Toronto location displays a prominent sign, each location is available to accept packages from any retailer. Egil Nielsen, senior vice president of Penguin Pick-Up and, told Grocery Business that with the service, retailers are able to bring their products into a secure and temperature controlled environment. But making it convenient for the consumer is key; “if they purchase products from ten different retailers, they can pick their items up at one time at one location."

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