Walmart Rewards World credit card

Walmart Canada has launched a new rewards credit card, Walmart Rewards World Mastercard.

Available for customers across Canada, shoppers can earn 3 per cent in Walmart Reward dollars on items sold on The reward dollars are earned in dollar equivalents, not points, so customers can more easily know how much they’ve earned and can redeem, says Terry Matthews, vice president of financial services for Walmart Canada.

“It gives Canadians the ability to earn rewards fast on their everyday household necessities including home delivery, curbside pickup of groceries, and 1.25 per cent in Walmart Reward Dollars on purchases at Walmart Canada stores and at any gas station. We are sure that the Walmart Rewards Mastercard is right for the times. Walmart Rewards can be earned anywhere Mastercard is accepted and used to purchase merchandise at Walmart Canada's low prices."

Customers can apply at any register inside Walmart Canada stores or online at New applicants for a Walmart Rewards Mastercard will be eligible for the World card if they have an annual household income of $100,000 or more.

Standard credit and other approval criteria apply. Cardholders can review transactions, check their Walmart Reward Dollars balance, and make payments, anytime and anywhere online.

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