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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Walmart is introducing a new feature called Easy Reorder to its online shopping website and mobile app that will help make the ordering of frequently purchased items faster and easier.

It's Walmart's latest digital move to compete with Amazon, according to a Retail Info Systems report. The feature registers Walmart purchases and saves them to a shopper’s purchase history on Walmart.com, building a list of items purchased often, in order of frequency.

In a company blog post, Jordan Sweetnam, vice-president, Customer Experience & Product, Walmart Global eCommerce, wrote that Easy Reorder remembers all of the items a customer has purchased – whether on the app, on a desktop computer or in-store.

"Here’s the cool part," Sweetnam wrote. "We’re integrating both in-store and online purchases to provide you with a single spot to view (and repurchase) the items that you buy most frequently – items like dog food, cereal, shampoo and diapers."

Sweetnam said the feature leverages Walmart's more than 4,700 U.S. stores and Walmart.com to save customers time and money. "Easy Reorder contributed to the growth we saw in the first quarter," Sweetnam said.

Image: blog.walmart.com

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