Rosedale Delivery

Rosedale Livery has introduced Zum Zum, a wholesale grocery delivery service in the greater Toronto area.

It aims to offer wholesale savings and meet the demand for grocery delivery.

Zum Zum will deliver from Oshawa to Newmarket.

"We set up an online storefront, and launched Zum Zum on June 6, 2020," said Craig McCutcheon, chief executive officer and founder of Zum Zum. "Our customers have shared their appreciation for our careful handling of their groceries throughout the pandemic, trusting our forty years of 'white glove' service standards."

McCutcheon also adds that it has secured a fulfillment centre and Zum Zum recognizes the unique offer of other suppliers such as Costco, with exclusive items and bulk shop savings.

Zum Zum aims to help consumers save without having to leave their homes, by allowing them to shop through it to access stores like Costco business centres.

Canadians can find out more and order here.

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