CommonSense Robotics

A parking garage in Tel Aviv, Israel, is the site of the world’s first underground automated grocery micro-fulfillment centre.

The facility will enable a local grocery retailer to make one-hour deliveries to customers, Forbes reports.

Steve Hornyak, chief commercial officer for CommonSense Robotics, an Israeli company that uses AI and robotics to enable grocers to deliver groceries more quickly, says that using an underground parking garage costs a lot less than setting up in an above-ground store.

“Our inspiration for this project stems from the challenges retailers are facing as they try to meet the rising consumer expectations for faster deliveries in a rapidly urbanizing world,” Hornyak says. “In order to be on-demand, you inherently need to be close to your customers, and simply put, that is really hard.”

The centre uses AI and robotics to receive and pick orders. Store associates assemble and pack the orders, which are then delivered to customers.

Read the Forbes article, which includes a video report.

Photo: CommonSense Robotics

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