acostaTal Dovas, Deb Voigt-Hetland, and Sam Magnacca

Bill Ivany, president of Acosta Canada, has announced three internal leadership promotions.“With our focus on aligning the best talent in our industry, we have taken this step to provide the greatest value to our clients today and tomorrow,” said Ivany. “Our redefined Acosta Canada senior leadership team enhances our agility in an evolving marketplace as it also strengthens our ability to create new growth opportunities for clients.”

Senior leadership promotions and expanded roles:

  • Sam Magnacca, promoted to SVP of Client and Customer Development from VP, customer development. Magnacca’s seasoned industry experience leading wholesale purchasing and customer development in commercial operations includes 18 years with Acosta.
  • Deb Voigt-Hetland, promoted to SVP of Retail Operations from VP, retail operations. Voigt-Hetland has successfully led retail operations for Acosta since 2007, having previously built retail and training capabilities for Proctor & Gamble.
  • Tal Dovas, promoted to SVP of Business Development from VP, retail operations. Dovas also adds operational responsibilities to support growth of current client and customer relationships. With Acosta Canada for nearly 10 years, Dovas previously provided insights for clients including Walmart and Whirlpool and also held positions with Bell Canada and NBC Universal.

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