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Renée Unger, founder of Renée's Gourmet Salad Dressings, has passed away.

The well-known entrepreneur began the company in 1985 with Caesar, Greek, Blue Cheese and Poppy Seed salad dressings. With support from her husband Arnold and her children who helped to sell the products in grocery stores, demand for the salad dressings surged. 

In 2006, the Unger family sold the business to what was then Heinz Foods of Canada (now Kraft Heinz) and Unger continued to be involved in the development of new products.

In a profile of Unger by the Canadian Business Journal, Unger says she began to make her own dressings because she couldn't eat store-bought products as she was allergic to preservatives. "We created and held onto our ideals as time went on, and we never sold out - we never used lesser quality ingredients. I remained true to my vision, and everyone who worked for us had the same high standards as I did."

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