Dino Bianco new KP Tissue and Kruger Products president

Dino Bianco

Mario Gosselin KP Tissue Inc and Kruger Products retiring president

Mario Gosselin 

Mario Gosselin, CEO of KP Tissue and Kruger Products L.P., has retired. Dino Bianco, former president of Kraft Canada, will succeed him.

Gosselin has close to 40 years of experience working at Kruger and has held a number of senior positions with the group in Canada and in the UK. He was appointed CEO of KPLP in October 2012. 

Bianco has more than 25 years of financial, sales, marketing and senior management experience with Kraft and most recently was president of Kraft Canada. 

Bianco is the 2013 recipient of the Food Industry Association of Canada's Golden Pencil Award, which recognized his lifetime contribution to the grocery sector. His extensive experience includes recently serving as president of Kraft's multi-billion dollar US beverage division based in Chicago. He currently sits on the board of Welbilt Foodservice and of Andrew Peller Ltd.

Gosselin will remain with KPLP until June 15, 2018, to ensure a successful transition and will continue to sit as a director and vice-chair of KPLP's board until that date, at which time Bianco will join the KPLP board.

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