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Industry NewsQuality Foods plans to switch to electric trucks

Quality Foods plans to switch to electric trucks


Quality Foods plans to use electric trucks to help reduce environmental impact.

It has teamed with EcoWest Driven, an electric semi-truck company, to start moving towards its goal.

Mosaic Forest Company, another Vancouver Island-based company, has also teamed up with EcoWest. These will be the first two businesses in Vancouver Island to try Tesla Semi electric trucks.

“We’re starting with three with the intent to fully electrify our fleet,” says Justin Schley, vice-president of Quality Foods. “Short-term is three and then medium-term would be nine or 10 and then the rest.”

EcoWest Driven will create charging stations with 45 commercial chargers and a service garage in late 2021.

“Operationally it would be similar,” adds Schley. “The benefit is really the environmental benefit without costing you any more. So it’s really a win-win from both angles. We drive about a million kilometres a year. So that’s a million kilometres of emissions saved and carbon off the roads.”

The trucks are advertised to have close to 1,000 kilometres and low risk of batteries breaking down because there are few moving parts.


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