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Industry NewsRelocalize raises $1.4M for ‘micro-factories’

Relocalize raises $1.4M for ‘micro-factories’


Relocalize, a North American food-tech company, has announced the closing of a $1.4M pre-seed round to fund the development of the first-ever automated food micro-factory.

The round is led by grocery retail and industry leaders including senior executives from Slack, Emerson, ex-Sobeys and an undisclosed USA-based retail chain.

The company plans to deploy thousands of micro-factories at grocery distribution centres across North America. Its first micro-factory, which will produce packaged ice, will be deployed in November 2021.

Since the company’s founding in November 2020, Relocalize has reportedly in-licensed, designed, patented, prototyped and tested its technology.

The company’s ice product purports to cut up to 90 per cent of road transportation and 50 per cent of water waste. Each robotic-enabled micro-factory produces, packages, palletizes and stores up to 1.6M bags of ice per year, supplying 100-200 local retail stores.

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