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Photo GalleriesSIAL Canada 2022: Photo Gallery

SIAL Canada 2022: Photo Gallery

20220421_120209-1153531Left: Jenny Longo, senior director private brands, culinary innovation, and central kitchen at Longo’s. Right: Mary Dalimonte, board director Giant Tiger Stores and Sol Cuisine.

20220420_174425-6452610Steve Zervoudakis of Marquee Global Sourcing.

20220421_105616-3191899Marie Brossard, CEO Lulubelle & Co.

20220421_111423-5738235Left to right: David Singer and Alex Olivieri of Thomas Large & Singer.

20220421_114744-8243698 Left to right: Kylee Tarbell and Chief Edward Roundpoint of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.


20220421_121615-7394751April Jackman, marketing and communications manager, Meat & Poultry Ontario.

20220421_133514-2002264Peter Murphy, founder and president, Murphy & Partners.

20220421_174014-8771973 Left to right: El Salvadoran ambassador Ricardo Cisneros and colleague Marianela Rosales.

20220422_114457-4246880 Left: Xavier Poncin, CEO, Expo Canada France, SIAL Canada show organizer. Right: Jean-Gabriel Mollard of Comexposium.

amanda_grech_left_and_brittany_picard_morgan-williams_international-3240616Amanda Grech left and Brittany Picard, Morgan Williams International.

amish_parmar_left_and_nicolae_berbec_of_digi_canada-2219393Amish Parmar left and Nicolae Berbec of Digi Canada.

clare_frenette_left_krystoff_larouche-mourneau_charles-andre_sutton_and_marie-claude_demers_of_fromagerie_bergeron-4217963Clare Frenette, left, Krystoff Larouche Mourneau, Charles Andre Sutton and Marie Claude Demers of Fromagerie Bergeron.

esther_ritson-elliott_and_donn_zea_california_prune_board-4292646Esther Ritson Elliott and Donn Zea, California Prune Board.

genevieve_leboeuf_from_fromagerie_lancetre-7459615Genevieve Leboeuf from Fromagerie Lancetre.


jean-marc_longtin_left_marc_lanthier_and_robert_schouppe_of_lanthier_bakery-2741147Left to right: Jean Marc Longtin, Marc Lanthier and Robert Schouppe of Lanthier Bakery.

jeff_goshorn_scottish_development_international_left_with_paul_blake_of_ahdb_and_consultant_denis_gendron-7095715Left to right: Jeff Goshorn of Scottish Development International, with Paul Blake of AHDB, and consultant Denis Gendron.

jp_lavoie_edith_brisson_anne-marie_lafontaine_and_solenne_la_licata-morin_of_house_of_bbq_experts-6670225Left to right: JP Lavoie, Edith Brisson, Anne Marie Lafontaine, and Solenne La Licata Morin of House of BBQ Experts,

lapres1-7515950La Presserie team from left: Stefanie McCreary, Jessica Moya, Mary Zarovinsky, Gloria Guinard, Sharon Rotzang, Adriana Santos.

manuel_vaillancourt_simon_lacharite_veronic_laliberte_and_louis_turcotte_of_farm_credit_canada-4283273Left to right: Manuel Vaillancourt, Simon Lacharite, Veronic Laliberte, and Louis Turcotte of Farm Credit Canada,

marc_bethune_snowdonia_cheese-9876886Marc Bethune, Snowdonia Cheese.

maria_arbulu_usda_shehzad_makki_odr_foods_kathy_boyce_boyce_strategic_marketing_marielle_hirwa_usda-6770746Maria Arbulu of USDA, Shehzad Makki of ODR Foods, Kathy Boyce of Boyce Strategic Marketing, Marielle Hirwa of USDA.

mario_dufour_left_joe_faria_stuart_feere_and_stephane_clement_of_arneg-2201650Mario Dufour, left, Joe Faria, Stuart Feere and Stephane Clement of Arneg.

natasha_vandenhurk_three_farmers_foods-4623628Natasha Vandenhurk Three Farmers Foods.

patpel1-8351182Left to right: Pat Pelliccione, Sabrina Caruso, and Frank Mastrogiacomo of Jan K Overweel; and Liv Oh of Friesland Campina Consumer Dairy.

richard_baker_food_distribution_guy-4506943Richard Baker, the Food Distribution Guy.

richard_paquin_of_burnbrae_left_with_newly_minted_consultant_peter_mattson-9379111Richard Paquin of Burnbrae left with newly minted consultant Peter Mattson.

ron_sadler_sadler_sales_solutions-1610419Ron Sadler of Sadler Sales Solutions.

sary_oung_and_logan_martin_of_martins_family_fruit_farm-4545669Sary Oung and Logan Martin of Martins Family Fruit Farm.

sials_ethnic_products_expert_bk_sethi_of_bk_sethi_marketing-7136647SIALs Ethnic Products Expert BK Sethi of BK Sethi Marketing.

thetoo1-5590348The Tootsi Impex team: Starting left, Olivier Chevalier, Benoit Trudel, Zeina Mouhsen, Jean-Luc Bergeron, Manon Fournier, Giada Simone, Farhad Shayesteh, Jean Luc Lachance, Alexandre Trusewicz and Bob Giftochristos.

thomas1-8445492Thomas Braidotti (left) of Consorzio del Prosciutto di San Daniele, Edoardo Peduto of Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano, and Elke Fernandez Consorzio ofdel Prosciutto di Parma.

tina_lamontagne_and_sylvain_magny_of_lamontagne_chocolate-3590671Tina Lamontagne and Sylvain Magny of Lamontagne Chocolate.

yanick_gosselin_left_and_jonathon_seguin_of_st_hubert_detail-7918941Yanick Gosselin left and Jonathon Seguin of St Hubert Detail.

yves_trembley_and_nancy_corbell_of_bizerba-7384845Yves Trembley and Nancy Corbell of Bizerba.


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