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Industry NewsSobey's launches support program for laid-off Stellarton employees

Sobey’s launches support program for laid-off Stellarton employees


Following Sobeys Inc.’s announcement that it planned to cut 800 jobs across the country, the company has launched a support program to help the approximately 100 people who lost their jobs in Stellarton, NS.

The Sobeys Support Program will cover 100 per cent of the cost of tuition in any Nova Scotia community college program. And to support local economic development, the program also offers up to $300,000 in loan guarantees to former Stellarton office Sobeys employees to start their own business.

“The heart, home and head office of Sobeys is in Stellarton and with that comes a special responsibility as stewards of our community, said Jim Cooke, director of the Sobeys Supports Program. “By providing tuition grants and business loan guarantees, we are committed to helping employees transition into new opportunities with as much support as possible.”

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