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Photo GalleriesFood & Allied Industries golf tournament: Photo gallery, part 1

Food & Allied Industries golf tournament: Photo gallery, part 1

1_michele_mcmillan_presents_a_cheque_for_10000_to_the_grocery_foundations_shaun_mckenna-7407309Food & Allied committee’s Michèle McMillan presents a cheque for $10,000 to The Grocery Foundation’s Shaun McKenna

2022 marks the 86th year of the Food & Allied Industries golf tournament and Grocery Business was there. The tournament took place Friday, June 3rd at Nobelton and Copper Creek golf courses in Kleinburg, Ont. This is part one of our Grocery Business photo gallery; part 2 of this gallery can be viewed here.


2-_dino_bianco_kruger_products_jim_slomka_paul_bravi_metro_inc_and_michel_manseau_kruger_products-3282500Dino Bianco of Kruger Products, Jim Slomka, Paul Bravi of Metro Inc. and Michel Manseau of Kruger Products

3-_michael_forgione_ugi_shaun_mckenna_the_grocery_foundation_john_dicecco_gay_lea_foods_brian_jackson_cpg_brand_management-3179460Michael Forgione of UGI, Shaun McKenna of The Grocery Foundation, John DiCecco of Gay Lea Foods and Brian Jackson of CPG Brand Management

4-_peter_wright_clorox_canada_and_brent_falvo_reynolds_consumer_products-8752129Peter Wright of Clorox Canada and Brent Falvo of Reynolds Consumer Products

5-_david_singer_thomas_large_singer_mark_josephs_kisko_products_jim_slomka_and_larry_denley_kisko_products-3261478David Singer of Thomas Large Singer, Mark Josephs of Kisko Products, Jim Slomka and Larry Denley of Kisko Products

6-_hussmann-8463583Hussmann’s Alex Horvath (left), Ashley Fuller and Greg Couwenberg, with Sobeys’ Joe Boroni (2nd from left)

7-_jan_k_overweel-6975702John Santos of Berry Global (left) with Jan K Overweel’s Danny DiDomizio and Frank Mastrogiacomo

8-_mike_rose_metro_inc-_jim_slomka_and_george_kioussis_metro_inc-5137134Mike Rose of Metro Inc., Jim Slomka and George Kioussis of Metro Inc

10_sean_oliver_and_scott_mcintyre_bluetriton_brands-8856186Sean Oliver and Scott McIntyre of BlueTriton Brands

11_brian_jackson_cog_brand_management_michael_forgione_ugi_chris_powell_tree_of_life_retired-7317443Brian Jackson of CPG Brand Management, Michael Forgione of UGI, Chris Powell of Tree of Life (retired)

12_keurig-4729431Keurig Dr Pepper’s Kelly Gabora (left), Blair Were of Van de Water Raymond and Food Basics’ Garth Mercer

13-_jim_slomka_and_dino_koundoutsikos_dr-oetker-1280338Jim Slomka and Dino Koundoutsikos of Dr. Oetker

14_dino_biano_michel_manceau_kruger_products_errol_cerit_fhcp_-8292988Dino Biano, Michel Manceau of Kruger Products and Errol Cerit of FHCP

16_paul_bravi_metro_inc_susan_gray_advantage_solutions_and_jim_slomka-7665222Paul Bravi of Metro Inc., Susan Gray of Advantage Solutions and Jim Slomka

17-_debbie_cammisa_and_tony_bal_metro_inc-1305042Debbie Cammisa and Tony Bal of Metro Inc.

15_ray_nutley_arneg-8225804Ray Nutley of Arneg 

18-_jim_delsnyder_zoglos_brent_falvo_reynolds_consumer_products_jim_slomka_and_errol_cerit_fhcp-3103350Jim Delsnyder of Zoglo’s, Brent Falvo of Reynolds Consumer Products, Jim Slomka, Errol Cerit of FHCP

19-_stacey_newman_mary_scianna_and_larry_bonikowsky_grocery_business_magazine-1369453Stacey Newman, Mary Scianna and Larry Bonikowsky of Grocery Business Magazine


20-_jamie_griffiths_matt_and_steves-5119459Jamie Griffiths of Matt & Steve’s≠≠

21-_rob_jackman_reckitt-4642747Rob Jackman of Reckitt

22-_john_dicecco_gay_lea_foods_jim_slomka_forge_francella_coca-cola_ltd_and_sal_galle_metro_inc-6756496John DiCecco of Gay Lea Foods, Jim Slomka, Forge Francella of Coca Cola Ltd., and Sal Galle of Metro Inc.

amplify-1953276Ryan Dickenson (left) and Janis Chung (second from right) of Amplify with Husam Fatouhi (second from left) and Taija Keighley of Hersheys

arneg-5600685Arneg’s Ray Nutley (left), Steve Rembisz and Stuart Feere

brent_falvo_reynolds_consumer_products_jim_slomka-9510427Brent Falvo of Reynolds Consumer Products and Jim Slomka

brian_richardson_rick_winslow_and_keith_sorhaitz_crossmark-7624598Brian Richardson, Rick Winslow and Keith Sorhaitz of Crossmark

chase_global-5931382Brian Dalfen of Own Brands (left), with Mike Reed of Chase Global, Alex Fronda of Sobeys, and Mike Raines of Fresh Mark

cmmi-5206132Canadian Mass Media’s Pat Cosgrove (left), Deepesh Mistry, Mike Martin and Steve Bregman

compass_minerals-2538328Bruce Legge (left), Bert Sjaarda, Rob Jones, and Mike Graham of Compass Minerals

doug-1404910Doug Cussons, DGC Sales & Marketing (left) with Sheila Farah of Brandseed Marketing and James O’Sullivan of Handy-Foil

dr_oetker-9097682The Dr. Oetker team from left: David Nagy, Dino Koundoutsikos, Mario Levesque and Spencer Jean

sln_3704-6219352Food & Allied Golf Committee

frank_monaco_mario_corrente_and_justin_aitken_northern_dancer-4308360Frank Monaco, Mario Corrente and Justin Aitken of Northern Dancer

global_appetite-8649999Global Appetite’s Kendall Miller (left) and John Inkpen (right) with Harkiran Boparai (second from left) of Everest Traders and Chris Stellato of Godiva Chocolatier

hershey-8331005The Hershey team from left: Jonathan Stapleton, Emad Tadros, John Fournaris and Brad Leeming

jim_slomka_and_ben_santangelo_advantage_solutions-3241969Jim Slomka and Ben Santangelo of Advantage Solutions

john_inkpen_and_kendall_miller_global_appetite_harkiran_boparai_everest_traders-2250397John Inkpen and Kendall Miller of Global Appetite, Harkiran of Boparai Everest Traders

keith_czechmeister-8647489Keith Czechmeister and Norm Hackett of Direct Plus (left), with Bruce Cameron and Erik Tremblay of Sigma Stretch

mary-6214668Mary Scianna, Grocery Business Magazine (left) with Doug Cussons, DGC Sales & Marketing, and Ernie Williams, Lakeview Farms

Michèle McMillan Ippolito Food and Allied Golf committee member with Brian McReynolds Bimbo closest to the pin winnerMichèle McMillan of Ippolito and Food and Allied Golf committee with Brian McReynolds of Bimbo, closest to the pin winner

northern_dancer-9214432Northern Dancer’s Mario Corrente and Frank Monaco (right), with Mitch Yeatman (second from left) and Justin Longo of Longo’s

peter_wright_clorox_and_jim_slomka-4365688Peter Wright of Clorox and Jim Slomka

prana-1447328Ernie Williams of Lakeview Farms (left) with Matt & Steve’s Jamie Griffiths and Tyler Chapman, and Brent Scowen of Prana

ricola-4257424VJ Patel of CGI (left), Ricola’s Alok Ummat and Jan McCallum with Peter Vicente of VMC Media

sal_galle_metro_inc_and_jim_slomka-3715447Sal Galle of Metro Inc. and Jim Slomka

shaun-5432387Mother Parkers’ Jake Dutkiewicz (left) and Philippe Brisebois with Paul Mills of Barilla and Shaun McKenna of The Grocery Foundation

shaun_mckenna_the_grocery_foundation_jim_slomka_and_aleks_djurdjevic_advantage_solutions-8052920Shaun McKenna of The Grocery Foundation, Jim Slomka, Aleks Djurdjevic of Advantage Solutions

sln_3686-5740438Larry Bonikowsky and Mary Scianna of Grocery Business Magazine

sln_3710-2317473Doug Cusson, Food & Allied committee member and Larry Bonikowsky of Grocery Business Magazine

st-hubert-4251190Food Basics’ golfers Mo Hamoud (left), Gabe Galambos, and Chris MacDonald, with George Tzogas of St-Hubert

Steven Bregman Canadian Mass Media Deepesh Mistry Mike Martin and Pat Cognoge with Michèle McMillan winners of longest gross at Nobleton Lake golf clubSteven Bregman of Canadian Mass Media, Deepesh Mistry, Mike Martin and Pat Cognoge with Michèle McMillan, winners of low gross at Nobleton Lake golf club

tls-6277512Rocco Dimascio of United Grocers with Thomas Large & Singer’s Aaron LeBlanc, David Singer and Anthony Carter

tol-7320236Tree of Life’s Katherine Chiu (left), Cathy Pye, Liam Wahl and Brandon Fuselli

Vince Gabriele and Mike Naef Nestlé Tardip Gill MetroVince Gabriele and Mike Naef of Nestlé, Tardip Gill of Metro Inc.

zevia-2095605Ari Levy of Farm Boy (left), with Ted McDowell of Zevia, and Justin Lyttle and Ben Ivany of Acosta




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