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Grocery Business partnered with Shopper Intelligence to gather insights on the shopping behaviours of coffeepurchasing consumers.

Coffee is an in-store traffic driver

Coffee is the 10th ranked traffic driving category among a ranking of 129 categories in grocery, and the top reason is because consumers don’t want to run out of it.

Shoppers primarily shop the category as a regular purchase (63%), and purchase triggers include pre-store promotions, primarily flyers and loyalty or rewards.

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Top Traffic Driving Segments

Instant Coffee

Ground Coffee

TAKEAWAY: Regularly communicate the category prestore to highlight and remind shoppers to purchase. Leverage promotions and price-focused communication to drive traffic for the category.






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Reasons why customers purchase coffee

Ranking/129 categories

8 Price

10 Best Value

5 Taste

5 Brands

8 Store Layout

11 Store Navigation

a chart of Coffee Purchase Plans
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image of a coffee

Top Regular Purchases

Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee

TAKEAWAY: Highlight the category frequently pre-store to keep it on shoppers’ lists. Leverage flyer and loyalty points as the most effective mediums to drive planned promoted traffic into the category.

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Top Satisfied Segments

Ground Coffee

Instant Coffee

TAKEAWAY: Ensure flow and communication of innovation, address assortment gaps versus the market, and add ideas and inspiration to the shelf and information on the products available within the category.

Shopper Intelligence provides category data insights and metrics for suppliers and retailers.

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