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Industry NewsThe Grocery Foundation's Shaun McKenna: Feeding hungry children during COVID-19

The Grocery Foundation’s Shaun McKenna: Feeding hungry children during COVID-19


With Covid-19 and schools being closed, many children who depend on school nutrition programs require assistance now.

The Grocery Foundation and many of the companies who are part of our community are actively joining in efforts to help student nutrition programs directly, many through donations and company-led efforts all with a focus on helping get healthy foods to the children who need it now. This includes lending our resources and networks to help in a time of great need.

Announcements regarding support are fluid and frequent. The links included include a number of the companies that support The Foundation. These companies actively participate as current Board Members. They are among the many companies that are part of our community that is helping during these unprecedented times.

You may wish to follow their announcements and learn about their individual responses through the links provided. You’ll find the links to their websites here.

We will also continue to keep you apprised of incremental efforts in the days and weeks ahead.

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