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Photo GalleriesThousands attend CHFA NOW in Toronto: Photo gallery, part one

Thousands attend CHFA NOW in Toronto: Photo gallery, part one

1080-3651963Melinda Zoccoli, Stacey Kravitz and Ali Davies, UNFI Canada

Thousands of industry professionals from health and wellness food, drink and innovations attended CHFA NOW in Toronto. The conference took place on September 15 and 16, and the trade show on September 17 and 18. Grocery Business was there! See part two’s gallery by clicking HERE. 

img_1899-2637955Grocery Business’ Jim Slomka and Mary Scianna with Mike Rose, Metro Inc.

1060-3589141Davide Viola, Health First Network

1068-7770114Barry Lanteigne, Distribution Canada Inc.

1070-7901270Sacha Laflamme, Theobroma Chocolat

image0_copy-4767333Jake Karls, Mid Day Squares, Jim Slomka and Mike Fata 

1071-7040738Chef Pino of Zoglo’s

photo_sep_18_7_50_40_pm-2407010Natalia Gomes and Tony Bal, Metro Inc.

1072-8893484Lindsay Linkletter, Cows Creamery

photo_sep_17_7_02_33_pm-4189911Jim Slomka, Peter Weicker, Fortinos

1074-3397700Peter and Chris Neal, The Neal Brothers

1077-5684106Team UNFI Canada

1091-9341916K Patel, Anne Parypa, Carlo Nigro, Marcos Guirguis, Jeff Pepper, and Inder Chohan, CJR Wholesale Grocers; and third from left, Rima Rabba of Rabba Fine Foods

1092-7168848Brandon Murray and Justin Murray, Murray Market National

1102-4935639Peter Mattson, consultant and Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business

1105-6868486Italian Trade Commission team

1107-3646114Team Remedy Drinks

1110-5386000Caroline Capizzano, Shelly Hutcheson, Jim Kavanagh, Sheila Farah and Anna Zurawiecka, Brandseed Marketing

1112-7835071Team FLOW Water

1114-8788642Team iLevel Management

1117-2719856Ursula Klein and David Littlewood, a2 Milk

1120-6296448Team Peak Health and Wellness Distribution

acosta_canada-8171323Team Acosta Canada

img_1900-8260086Grocery Business’ Larry Bonikowsky with Brian Jackson, CPG Brand Management

img_1904-7149868Grocery Business’ Larry Bonikowsy with Melissa Richardson, Bel Cheese Canada

img_1905-3239300Team CHFA

photo_sep_17_1_08_35_pm-9003230Alberto Aguilar, Plantaform; Charles Buhagiar, Metro Inc.; Sandra Kabat, CHFA; Georges Hanmoush, Plantaform

photo_sep_17_1_18_43_pm-3765837Max Paulhus Gosselin and Adekambi Laleye, Groupe Uptaste Inc.

photo_sep_17_1_21_01_pm-8618588Joana Adlgasser, Rihanna Ross and Caitlyn Vanderhaeghe, KidStar Nutrients

photo_sep_17_2_05_28_pm-9639264David Laurie, Prana Biovegan Inc; Shirley Hinde, Sobeys Inc; Brent Scowen, Prana Biovegan Inc.

photo_sep_17_2_19_41_pm-3950927Andrew Bridges, Ally Bridges and Charles Buhagiar, Metro Inc.

photo_sep_17_3_30_54_pm-9644817Errol Cerit, FHCP

photo_sep_17_3_56_51_pm-2771702Jon Janower, Choices Market

photo_sep_17_9_27_47_am-9311432Christine Cruz-Clarke, Balzac’s

photo_sep_17_10_32_55_am-2348494Nadia Eccles, Jamieson; Jim Slomka; Mike Pilato, Jamieson; John Marley, Clorox

photo_sep_17_10_46_47_am-1962117Team Jamieson Wellness

photo_sep_17_10_55_57_am-2378063Michael Aucoin, Eat & Beyond

photo_sep_17_11_18_39_am-9812458Chris Harrington, Neil Green and Pat Brown, Vega

photo_sep_17_11_26_45_am-1134088Peter Mattson, consultant, and Zoey Shamal, Tonica Kombucha

photo_sep_17_8_49_57_am-2504519Jim Slomka, Aaron Skelton, CHFA

photo_sep_17_11_40_02_am-2493907Rhonda Mitchell and Dan Bajor, Clorox

photo_sep_17_11_57_25_am-2757436Davide Viola, Health First Network; Chris Budinszky, Clorox

photo_sep_17_12_17_37_pm-6131157Jim Slomka, Ryan Labong and Alex Sewell, Nature’s Path

photo_sep_17_12_19_21_pm-2587730B.K Sethi, B.K. Sethi Marketing

photo_sep_17_12_50_50_pm-2517111Mel Pha, Catherine Younder, Krista Cunningham, Kathy Banks and Tony Luongo, Indigo Natural Products Management

photo_sep_18_1_11_58_pm-9862703Norm Wingfield, Fortinos

photo_sep_18_1_35_19_pm-5889750Andrew Hatfield, Lisa Darlington and Ridley Doolittle, Happy Caps Mushroom Farm

photo_sep_18_1_52_05_pm-7910954Dave Tomassetti, John Pontoni, Nelson Lemos and Dino Pontoni, Four Fathers Food Co.

photo_sep_18_2_41_32_pm-3957485Pete Vanslyke and Amy Delva, Live Right Snacks

photo_sep_18_5_29_09_am-2475021Aaron Oosterhoff, Spring Creek Quail Farms

photo_sep_18_5_29_57_am-4343966Team Daiya

photo_sep_18_5_30_24_am-5865327Ameen Fadel, Cedar Valley Selections

photo_sep_18_5_34_31_am-6472553Nancy Carroll, consultant

photo_sep_18_5_35_24_am-7118638Ayda Celik, Balzac’s

photo_sep_18_5_46_09_am-2261133Tom Gunter, T.AG. Marketplace Consulting

photo_sep_18_5_46_28_am-8331532Reza Bafandeh, Darwynn Ltd.

photo_sep_18_5_47_41_am-9585668Dino Koundoutsikos, Dr. Oetker

photo_sep_18_6_04_50_am-5392984Paul Galbraith, Jamieson Wellness

photo_sep_18_6_05_23_am-5334870Richard Todd, Voortman Cookies Ltd.

photo_sep_18_6_05_51_am-9416694Plant Up

photo_sep_18_6_06_25_am-8082880Susan Gray, Advantage Solutions

photo_sep_18_6_07_23_am-2912117Glen Fowlie, 1440 Foods

photo_sep_18_6_07_57_am-6777536Todd Kelly, CPG CEO

photo_sep_18_6_08_24_am-2472627Sanjiv Jagota, Nature’s Source

photo_sep_18_6_08_43_am-5318242Corrie Higgins, Mid Day Squares; Patrick Higgins, Propel Natural Brands

photo_sep_18_7_47_49_pm-8878200Lola Adeyemi, It’s Souper

photo_sep_18_7_48_15_pm-5727408John DiCecco, Gay Lea Foods

photo_sep_18_7_48_43_pm-9644019Denis Ivic, Nutrameltz Inc.

photo_sep_18_7_49_05_pm-5875980Lynn Hashinsky, Vital Proteins

photo_sep_18_7_51_54_pm-7043999Team Neal Brothers Foods

photo_sep_18_9_01_13_am-7315822Julie Bednarski-Malik, Healthy Crunch

photo_sep_18_9_45_23_am-4634941Katie Doherty and Andrew Hester, KIND Snacks

photo_sep_18_9_47_35_am-3032324Jada Wynter, Sonya Aquilina, Katie White and Logan Smetaniuk, Balzac’s Coffee

photo_sep_18_9_57_49_am-3409964Ben Ivany, Natural Specialty Sales

photo_sep_18_10_12_02_am-3180494Norm Kafka, Propel Natural Brands and Margaret Coons, Nuts for Cheese

photo_sep_18_10_47_11_am-7292122Winston Dawes, Lundberg Family Farms

photo_sep_18_11_01_59_am-7594501Julia Luu, Chenille Lafleur, Shingly Lee, and Mark Wilhite, Alpha Foods

photo_sep_18_11_13_06_am-8467212Gerry Moroso and Sarah Mestdagh, Silver Hills Bakery

photo_sep_18_11_24_59_am-2193183Amy Grayer, Aki Kaltenbach and Caius Flynn, Save da Sea

photo_sep_18_11_34_16_am-3750618James Holden and Ashleigh Millar, Advantage Solutions

photo_sep_18_11_56_35_am-1995909Blair Were, Kathie Melilla and Mike Pizale, Impact Sales & Marketing and Lee Diaz, Nuevo Retail Group

photo_sep_18_12_06_35_pm-7890903Rocco DiMascio, United Grocers Inc.

photo_sep_18_12_25_31_pm-5134189Phil Woods, Hain Celestial

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