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Featured ArticlesTipping the Growth Scale: A Spotlight on Western Canada

Tipping the Growth Scale: A Spotlight on Western Canada

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The West accounts for 1/3 of CPG sales and is outperforming the rest of Canada
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32.3% +5%

Total West

6.6% Man/Sask +6%

12.3% Alberta +5%

13.5% B.C. +3%

TAKEAWAY As marketers continue to seek growth in a static market, follow the money and consumer demand.


15%of Western households fall into 3 shopper groups: Chinese 6% Filipino 5% South Asian 4%

TAKEAWAY Fresh categories are a common denominator that can be leveraged to support centre-of-store categories.


43% of categories in the West reduced assortment in 2023, which negatively impacted overall category sales velocity.

TAKEAWAY Suppliers need to consider the role each item plays in generating incremental growth. Sales ranking alone does not measure a brand’s contribution to category growth.


75% of Western households shop online and in-store for CPG.

TAKEAWAY Stay engaged with shoppers digitally to maintain loyalty, due to the expansive choice at consumer fingertips.


+2.1% Canada vs. +1.3% Total West

TAKEAWAY After four years of higher-than average inflation, consumers are getting some relief at the checkout, which will bring back spending power and increase consumption of all categories.


66% of Western shoppers will stock up on items when they are on sale.

TAKEAWAY With 36% of categories reporting higher-than-average subsidization rates when on promotion, there is a huge opportunity to increase efficiency to provide a win–win scenario for marketers and consumers.

Source: NIQ MarketTrack Period Ending March 30, 2023

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