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FHCP Sales & Marketing Symposium

The Food, Health & Consumer products of Canada held its sales and marketing symposium and Grocery Business was there. 


 1-_todd_johnston_lactalis_errol_cerit_fhcp_and_jim_slomka-8729049Todd Johnston of Lactalis Errol Cerit of FHCP and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business

2-_brad_culbert_high_liner_foods_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-3607917Brad Culbert of High Liner Foods

img_5902-5826283Jill Payne (Energy Management), Pam Kellogg (High Liner), Joanna Goncalves (Boyden)

3-_david_nagy__dino_koundoutsikos_dr-_oetker_crop_jim-8317577David Nagy and Dino Koundoutsikos of Dr. Oetker

4-_fhcp_1-9162661Errol Cerit, Josephine Pham and Joanne Capano from Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP)

5-_carman_allison_nielsen_iq_and_jim_slomka-7946382Carman Allison of Nielsen IQ and Jim Slomka of Grocery Business

6-team_mccormick_jpg-1227553Team McCormick

7-_jim_slomka_and_dr-_sylvain_charlebois_agri-food_analytics_lab_dalhousie_university_jpg-8197887Jim Slomka and Sylvain Charlebois of Agri Food Analytics Lab Dalhousie University

8-_michael_graydon_fhcp_steve_williams_mccormick_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-3580695Michael Graydon of FHCP, Steve Williams of McCormick

9-9585776Michael Villeneuve and Marc-Andre Chauvette of Newtown Enterprises Ltd.

10-_brad_lampkin_abbott_laboratories_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-3785568Brad Lampkin of Abbott Laboratories

img_5901-8227581Left to right: Pam Kellogg (High Liner) and Joanna Goncalves (Boyden)

11-_dany_aboukhald_and_bernhard_wessels_total_negotiation_group-1953190Dany Aboukhald and Bernhard Wessels of Total Negotiation Group

12-_erin_rooney_mccormick_and_jim_slomka_jpg-2833813Jim Slomka and Erin Rooney of McCormick

13-_jill_payne_energy_management_expert_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-1246605Jill Payne of Energy Management Expert

peter_mattson-5948298Peter Mattson, Consultant and Lynne Gallacher of Horn

matt_hall-6842418Matt Hall of Jack Links

14-_john_adams_iqvia_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-7787204John Adams of IQVIA

15-_niana_reid_spar_and_jim_slomka_crop_jim-8325490Niana Reid of Spar

16-_susan_butten_and_ron_dunlop_c-b-_powell_with_jim_slomka_centrejpg-2941650Susan Butten and Ron Dunlop C.B. Powell with Jim Slomka

img_5892-4027130Left to right: Francesca Mammotili, Laura Burnett, Susan Irving, Ryan Scanzano, Kristina Cardamone, Rob Mattacott, and Cindy Tremblay of Kruger Products

img_6312-5022208Wendy Baker, FHCP

errol_cerit_fhcp_jim_slomka_henry_evans_twinings_north_america_-7226303Errol Cerit FHCP, Jim Slomka, and Henry Evans of Twinings North America

fhcp_3-3156366Errol Cerit from FHCP with Robin Poulain of Kind Snacks

fhcp_4-3383865Melanie Morrison of BetterCart Analytics with Sylvain Charlebois of Dalhousie University.

photo_jun_14_9_05_55_am-6589893Jill Payne (Energy Management)

photo_jun_14_9_51_29_am-4640454Sylvain Charlebois (Dalhousie University)

img_5910-7601497David Carlsey (Google)

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