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Photo GalleriesFHCP Supply Chain Symposium: Photo Gallery

FHCP Supply Chain Symposium: Photo Gallery

Attended by over 150 supply chain professionals on May 18th, the Food Health and Consumer Products of Canada (FHCP) held its symposium bringing together senior supply chain professionals in FHCP member companies. Speakers of leading organizations came together to discuss the resilience and recovery of supply chain and how to reimagine the post-pandemic future.


kimberly_clark_1-2135027From left: Kimberly-Clark’s Nick Mantenuto, Elisa Jarzebski, and Alec Lavictoire with FHCP’s Errol Cerit (centre) and Michael Graydon

wendy_baker_of_fhcp_left_with_sandra_pupatello_of_reshoring_canada-9031750Wendy Baker of FHCP (left) with Sandra Pupatello of Reshoring Canada

chris_portwood_left_with_eric_heath_and_nigel_sankar_of_chep_canada-4943715Chris Portwood (left) with Eric Heath and Nigel Sankar of Chep Canada


melford_dixon_and_lisa_vegso_of_peco_pallet-4878474Melford Dixon and Lisa Vegso of Peco Pallet

michelle_ummels_left_and_joanna_thommee_of_peo_leadership-9333829Michelle Ummels (left) and Joanna Thommee of PEO Leadership

the_thomas_large__singer_team-5112278Thomas Large & Singer team from left: Shane Spiteri, Cheryl Li, Alex Olivieri, Patricia Brown, Michelle Mohabir, Laura Williams, Rosalia Cescolini, Tim Tarrant and Aaron LeBlanc


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