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Photo GalleriesFood & Allied Industries golf tournament: Photo gallery, part 2

Food & Allied Industries golf tournament: Photo gallery, part 2

sln_3704-2128156Ontario Food & Allied Golf Committee

2022 marks the 86th year of the Food & Allied Industries golf tournament and Grocery Business was there. The tournament took place Friday, June 3rd at Nobelton and Copper Creek golf courses in Kleinburg, Ont. This is part two of our Grocery Business photo gallery; part one was featured in an earlier newsletter.


sln_3526-9409930Left to right: Mat Seidler and Ted Szwagiel (Rexall), Pierre Blain and Peter Mastroieni (Kruger)

sln_3529-6120977Left to right: Ken Mahon, Tonka Karakas, Chris Ward, Matt Cardoso (Church & Dwight)

sln_3533-3735844Left to right: Niki Prespakis-Arfo (TATA), Paul Dennie (Advantage Solutions), Kurt Hatherly, Carsten Weitemeyer (TATA)

sln_3536-7731379Left to right: Ben Santangelo (Advantage Solutions), Mike Forgione (UGI), Bryan Cronk (Dole), Craig Harasymchuk (guest)

sln_3538-2497092Left to right: Kevin Devine (Metro), Ray Pattenden (Metro), Neil Christensen (Wabash), Frank Jurisevic (Metro)

sln_3543-8838041Left to right: Tardip Gill (Metro), Mike Naef (Nestlé), Vince Gabriele (guest)

sln_3546-6457904Left to right: Brian Gillam (Acosta), Jeff Robinson (Mosaic), Josh McNair and Erin Noble (Voortman)

sln_3550-2339677Left to right: Brian Richardson, Keith Sorhaitz, Mark Ayer, Rick Winslow (Crossmark)

sln_3556-1565320Left to right: Duncan MacMaster (Lantic), John DiCecco (Gay Lea), David Sloopka (Lantic), Jamie Deshane (Gay Lea)

sln_3558-2838627Left to right: Todd Tessier and Dave Wright (Advantage Solutions), Sean Oliver and Scott McIntyre (BlueTriton Brands)

sln_3562-8916577Left to right: Michèle McMillan, Steve Dimen, Paul Keery, Joel Ippolito (Ippolito Fruit & Produce)

sln_3564-5349076Left to right: Tom Jarmasz (Metro), Mike Read and Mike Furgiulie (Aspire Bakeries), Sal Galle (Metro)

sln_3568-4035359Left to right: Mark Salm (Tim Hortons) Aleks Djurdjevic (Advantage Solutions), Ameet Dhamrait (Tim Hortons), Pavel Grekov (Advantage Solutions)

sln_3573-4069187Left to right: Daniel Turcot (St-Hubert Retail), Franco DiLiberatore (Meilleures Marques), Ryan Burchell (Sobeys), Jeff Johnstone (guest)

sln_3575-2986390Left to right: Christian Boisvert (Crosby’s), Lina Bhardwaj (Precima), Susan Gray and Eric Demetriou (Advantage Solutions)

sln_3578-2745945Left to right: Brian Jackson (Land o Lakes Kozy Shack), Gary Taylor, Caryn Renken and James Holden (Advantage Solutions)

sln_3582-7839255Left to right: Sam Magnacca (Acosta), Mark Nerland (BG Foods), Sean Haynes (Daiya), Chris Powell (Tree of Life, retired)

sln_3584-7923161Left to right: Bob Wakutz, Ken Leach and Ted Kirkpatrick (Advantage Solutions), Steve Longden (Summit Brands)

sln_3588-2027539Left to right: Tony Bal (Metro), Kirsten DeSouza and Justin Trasmundi (Kellogg Canada), Debbie Cammisa (Metro)

sln_3591-3685282Left to right: Gord Moffat, William Yu, Colin Shortt, Rob Dejussel (Bimbo Canada)

sln_3595-8602681Left to right: Kevin Lehman (Metro), Ed Badke and Kostas Kapralos (A. Lassonde), Andrew Bridges (Metro)

sln_3599-9221688Left to right: Terri Alborino (Acosta), Wendy Pim and Rich Todd (Voortman), Tressa Scorziello (UGI)

sln_3602-1918916Left to right: Mark Smellie and Allan Dykstra (Sofina), Iain McRuvie and Marsha MacKinnon (Burnbrae)

sln_3607-9751621Left to right: Mark Ignor (guest), Dino Bianco (Kruger), Paul Bravi (Metro), Michel Manseau (Kruger)

sln_3611-4632425Left to right: Jim Slomka (Grocery Business), Brent Falvo (Reynolds), Jim Delsnyder (Zoglo’s), Errol Cerit (FHCP)

sln_3627-6269881Left to right: Todd Newstead, Tom Pajot, Jeff Brethour and Brian McReynolds (Bimbo Canada)

sln_3636-2629963Left to right: James Harrow, Omer Rafiq, John Long and Rob Jackman (Reckitt Benckiser)

sln_3643-3690601Left to right: Randy Josephs, Larry Denley, Mark Josephs and Mike McAlary (Kisko Freezies)

sln_3653-7159118Left to right: Darcy Bristol, Norm Lo, Ray Nesta and Matt Magill (Nestlé Canada)

sln_3662-6555437Left to right: Kevin Riesche, Joe Sawaged (CFIG)

sln_3667-4524340Left to right: Michael Rose (Metro), Jim Kotsiopoulos, Matt Traub and Prakash David (Nestlé)

sln_3671-2440616Left to right: Kurt Olson, Chris Thrasher and Mark Demmons (McCormick), George Kioussis (Metro)

sln_3680-6987691Left to right: Tony Mongillo (Metro), John St-Germain, Faisal Esmail and Kally Dimos (BCI Foods)

sln_3691-4424245Grocery Business Magazine’s Larry Bonikowsky takes a photo with Jim Slomka, Brian Jackson, Mike Forgione, Chris Powell

sln_3694-4751397Left to right: John DiCecco, Jim Slomka, Goerge Tzogas, Sal Galle


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