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Photo GalleriesIndustry celebrates Grocery Heroes Day 2022! : Photo gallery

Industry celebrates Grocery Heroes Day 2022! : Photo gallery

Here’s how the industry celebrated Grocery Heroes Day 2022! Send us your photos to add to the Grocery Business gallery. 

freshco_edmonton_palisades_store-7098168FreshCo Edmonton Palisades store


sobeys_lacombe_alta_2-4022130Sobeys, Lacombe Alta. store

metro_calgary_4_same_credit-4851087Calgary Metro Market, Walmart Canada

calgary_metro_market_same_credit-6881883Calgary Metro Market, Walmart Canada

iga_marche_gaouette_2-2940823IGA Marche Gaouette store in Quebec

iga_marche_gauoette_3-4712796IGA Marche Gauoette store in Quebec

food_banks_of_canada-7844980Food Banks of Canada

sobeys_brandon_south_store_manitoba-9331705Sobeys Brandon South store in Manitoba

sobeys_lancombe_alta-8228517Sobeys Lancombe Alta. store

the_north_west_company_1-2025131The North West Company employees

the_north_west_company_3-1808553The North West Company

screen_shot_2022-08-10_at_5-28-48_am-7867960Freson Bros. stores


bayview_village_pusateris_team_toronto_ont-5380430Bayview Village Pusateri’s team, Toronto, Ont.

bento_sushi-4370694Bento Sushi’s GHD statement: “Today, help us celebrate our very important grocery heroes by taking that extra minute during your shopping to say thank you. Grocery Heroes Day is a time for us to recognize our grocery employees at every level for their hard work and dedication to feeding families and enriching lives.”

burnbrae_farms-1461109Burnbrae Farms

calgary_food_bank_-_photo_courtesy_of_tammy_b_of_alberta_health_services-9660023Calgary Food Bank, photo courtesy of Tammy B. of Alberta Health Services

coca-cola_-_photo_courtesy_of_steve_simms-9445446Coca-Cola, photo courtesy of Steve Simms

danone_canada-4086968Danone Canada

giant_tiger-4169068Giant Tiger: “Today marks Grocery Heroes Day, and we celebrate Team Tiger’s incredible dedication and commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience to the many communities and customers we serve across Canada. In our stores, our distribution centers, our transportation divisions, and our support offices, our people are our greatest asset. For everything you do to help put food on tables across the country, we thank each and every member of the Giant Tiger team” Paul Wood, president & CEO, Giant Tiger Stores Limited

highland_farms_mississauga_on_grocery_heroes_day_-_photo_courtesy_of_the_art_gallery_of_mississauga-4345328Highland Farms, Mississauga, Ont. on Grocery Heroes Day photo courtesy of the Art Gallery of Mississauga. Lisa Browne, president of the board of Art Gallery of Mississauga presented this piece to the employees. This gift is in recognition of the work they do feeding families and enriching lives, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Artist: Bill Hagan Title: “thankyouthankyouthankyou”

i-d_foods-6084996I-D Foods

iga_convivio_que_-_photo_courtesy_of_jean_falardeau_centre_director_of_operations-6361351IGA Convivio, Que. Photo courtesy of Jean Falardeau (centre in hat) director of operations visiting several store teams on Grocery Heroes Day

keeprite_refrigeration-9252762KeepRite Refrigeration


longos_x_general_mills_-_photo_courtesy_of_nicole_m_of_general_mills-7045603Longo’s x General Mills, photo courtesy of Nicole M. of General Mills

metro_employees_barbecue-7574135Metro Inc. employees at appreciation barbecue

pattison_food_group-5956473Pattison Food Group

pusateris_commissary_team_toronto_ont-1066398Pusateri’s Commissary team, Toronto, Ont.

pusateris_team_avenue_road_toronto_ont-1471160Pusateri’s team, Avenue Road, Toronto, Ont.

pusateris_yorkville_team_toronto_ont-5829194Pusateri’s Yorkville team, Toronto, Ont.

queen_street_eaton_centre_pusateris_team_toronto_ont-8373219Queen Street Eaton Centre Pusateri’s team, Toronto, Ont.


source_communications-4437872Source Communications


the_food_bank_of_york_region_giving_a_special_shoutout_to_walmart_canada_for_sponsoring_its_ghd_efforts_this_year-9718485The Food Bank of York Region gives a special shoutout to Walmart Canada for sponsoring its GHD efforts this year.

the_sherway_gardens_team_pusateris_toronto_ont-4967744The Sherway Gardens team Pusateri’s, Toronto, Ont.

walmart_canada_-_photo_courtesy_of_alison_mcfarlane-1509663Walmart Canada, photo courtesy of Alison McFarlane

walmart_canada_-_photo_courtesy_of_annmarie_mercer_chief_people_officer_at_walmart_canada-4058132Walmart Canada photo courtesy of AnnMarie Mercer chief people officer at Walmart Canada

walmart_canada_-_photo_courtesy_of_kiran_samvedi-5237070Walmart Canada, photo courtesy of Kiran Samvedi

walmart_canada_chestermere_alta_team_5790_in_m9_-_photo_courtesy_of_jennifer_b-7260612Walmart Canada, Chestermere, Alta. team 5790 in M9 photo courtesy of Jennifer B.

walmart_canada_sudbury_ont_-_photo_courtesy_of_joshua_oshkabewisens-1466329Walmart Canada, Sudbury, Ont. photo courtesy of Joshua Oshkabewisens

walmart_canada_woodstock_ont_-_photo_courtesy_of_ridhima_ridhima_produce_manager-7800462Walmart Canada, Chestermere, Alta. team 5790 in M9 photo courtesy of Jennifer B.


retail_council_of_canada-5517242Retail Council of Canada


Mondelez International


Plant-Based Foods of Canada

sonny_brar_of_fiera_foods-8738252Sonny Brar of Fiera Foods


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