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People NewsLinda Vogelstatter marks 60 years with Loblaws

Linda Vogelstatter marks 60 years with Loblaws


Linda Vogelstatter has been with Loblaws for 60 years..

Vogelstatter started with the company on January 10, 1961. She now works as a cashier at Loblaws in downtown Toronto.

“I used to do my groceries at the Loblaws store near my house and whenever I was there, I would spend time chatting with the store manager, he was always extra-nice and friendly,” says Vogelstatter. “So, when I started looking for a job, Loblaws was the first store I applied to.”

She recalls manually stamping prices and memorizing codes when she started as a cashier.

“I always imagine that my mom is the one doing her groceries and she needs help,” says Vogelstatter. “So, I try to treat all customers the way I want my mom to be treated.”

She says that she always enjoys seeing new faces and that Loblaws is a great place to gain experience and skills, especially when you’re just starting your career.

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