Linda Vogelstatter

Linda Vogelstatter has been with Loblaws for 60 years..

Vogelstatter started with the company on January 10, 1961. She now works as a cashier at Loblaws in downtown Toronto.

“I used to do my groceries at the Loblaws store near my house and whenever I was there, I would spend time chatting with the store manager, he was always extra-nice and friendly,” says Vogelstatter. “So, when I started looking for a job, Loblaws was the first store I applied to.”

She recalls manually stamping prices and memorizing codes when she started as a cashier.

“I always imagine that my mom is the one doing her groceries and she needs help,” says Vogelstatter. “So, I try to treat all customers the way I want my mom to be treated.”

She says that she always enjoys seeing new faces and that Loblaws is a great place to gain experience and skills, especially when you’re just starting your career.

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