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Photo GalleriesFood, Health & Consumer Products of Canada Golf Tournament: Photo gallery

Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada Golf Tournament: Photo gallery

mark_ayer_consultant_rob_rathke_grocery_business_kyle_marsham_marsham_international_kevin_smith_grocery_business-4370581Mark Ayer consultant, Rob Rathke of Grocery Business, Kyle Marsham of Marsham International and Kevin Smith of Grocery Business

The Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada Golf Tournament took place on September 13, 2022, in Georgetown, Ont. and Grocery Business was there. 

doug_ohari_clover_leaf_seafoos_mike_lust_pepsico_foods_canada-2247355Doug Ohari of Clover Leaf Seafoods and Mike Lust of PepsiCo Foods Canada

errol_cerit_and_wendy_baker_fhcp_erin_rooney_mccormick_canada_anthony_fuchs_fhcp-1147561Errol Cerit and Wendy Baker of FHCP, Erin Rooney of McCormick Canada, Anthony Fuchs of FHCP

fhcp_6-9388269FHCP tournament welcome signage

joel_porter_and_lisa_wernham_food_banks_of_canada_michael_graydon_and_errol_cerit_fhcp-2565561Joel Porter and Lisa Wernham of Food Banks of Canada, Michael Graydon and Errol Cerit of FHCP

kellogg_canada_team_from_left_jordan_camilleri_adam_leader_alexandra_bishop_brand_woo-8249150Kellogg Canada team from left: Jordan Camilleri, Adam Leader, Alexandra Bishop, Brand Woo

melford_dixon_lisa_vegso_peco_pallet_lisa_wernham_food_banks_of_canada_michael_graydon_fhcp-6476009Melford Dixon, Lisa Vegso of PECO Pallet, Lisa Wernham of Food Banks of Canada and Michael Graydon FHCP

phil_drouillard_kim_rowan_cindy_mcnichol_dave_campanella_lighthouse_nine_group-4908638Phil Drouillar, Kim Rowan, Cindy McNichol and Dave Campanella of Lighthouse NINE Group

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