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Industry NewsLoblaw launches No Name Mobile cellphone at all No Frills stores

Loblaw launches No Name Mobile cellphone at all No Frills stores

Loblaw is launching a No Name Mobile cellphone plan at all of its No Frills stores.

The launch was first reported by MobileSyrup.

Loblaw says the new cellphone plans are powered by the company’s PC Mobile carrier, which it has had since 2005 and runs on Bell Canada’s network. While PC Mobile offers 5G and 4G data speeds, Loblaw says it plans to include only 4G with its new No Frills cellphone plans.

There are four plans at the same price as PC Mobile, but with five more gigabytes of monthly data – 25 gigabytes for $29, 55 gigabytes for $34, 80 gigabytes for $40 and 105 gigabytes for $50.

Each of those plans is eligible for an extra five-gigabyte bonus when subscribers sign up to automatically top up their accounts each month.

It also offers a pair of additional plans cheaper than PC Mobile’s offers. Customers can buy one gigabyte of data – or two with the top-up bonus – for $19 per month, and four gigabytes of data – or five with the bonus – for $24.

All plans include unlimited calling Canada-wide and to the U.S., Canada-wide and international texting, along with call display, three-way calling, voice mail, call waiting and call-forwarding features.

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