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Industry NewsWomen in Food Industry Management celebrates the holidays at Gala

Women in Food Industry Management celebrates the holidays at Gala

Back row l-r: Linda Seiler, Galerie au Chocolat; Monica Walker, Healthy Planet; Errol Cerit, FHCP; Traci Wildish, McCormick; Brenda Seto, WFIM, Jim Slomka. Front row l-r: Ameen Fadel and Surria Fadel, Cedar Valley; Krista Payne, Melissa Cox and Anna Spano, Sobeys

Women in Food Industry Management (WFIM) held its annual holiday gala on November 23 at Millennium Gardens in Brampton, Ont.

Close to 300 people attended the event. Margaret Hudson, president and CEO of Burnbrae Farms, was the keynote speaker. Each year, WFIM holds a raffle to raise money for charity. This year, more than $5,000 was raised for Swim Drink Fish, a charity that Hudson supports. The charity focuses on supporting initiatives that make water swimmable, drinkable and fishable for everyone.

Tom Gunter, T.A.G. Marketplace Consulting Inc.; Margaret Hudson and Pam Kellogg, Burnbrae Farms
Tanja Fraser, Stacey Kravitz, Rebecca MacMillan, UNFI Canada, with Charles Buhagiar, Metro Ontario
Lisa MacNeil, Tree of Life; Amy Smith and Samantha Chianti, McCormack Burrie, Tara Brownlee and Anabel Neeves, Tree of Life, and Helen Dallimore, Coombe Castle
Team Burnbrae Farms
Team Nestle Purina
harles Buhagiar, Metro Inc. and Jim Slomka
Margaret Hudson, president and CEO of Burnbrae Farms, keynote speaker
WFIM board from left: Mariana Macovei, Tolu Olutunfese, Debbie MacDonald, Limor Gendler, Brenda Seto, Praveena Thirunathan, Barbara Onyskow
Gigi Gill, ZoRaw and Debra Pearce
Brian Polla and Beata Antoninas, Amino Snacks
Errol Cerit, FHCP; Tamara Al Dip, Nanashake; Jim Slomka and Ameen, Awake Chocolate
Katharine Chiu and Cathy Pye, Tree of Life; Natalia Gomes, Metro; Lisa MacNeil, Tree of Life; Kristine Smith, Georgia Main; Ruth Bento and Julia Gennaro, Tree of Life
Larry Bonikowsky, Grocery Business and Sara Ameen, Awake Chocolate
Margaret Hudson, Beth Plumstead, Sue Hudson and Kelly Teeter, Burnbrae Farms
raci Wildish, McCormick; Errol Cerit, FHCP; Sonya Fiorini, Beth Plumstead and Iain McRuvie, Burnbrae Farms
Connie Goodhall, Sue Hudson and Marsha MacKinnon, Burnbrae Farms

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