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Virtual Shop WalkInternational Shop Walk with Grocery Business: Edeka, Zweibrücken, Germany

International Shop Walk with Grocery Business: Edeka, Zweibrücken, Germany

When we travel at Grocery Business, we love to visit retailers across the globe! This international shop walk comes from the Edeka supermarket in Zweibrücken, Germany. The Edeka Group is reportedly the largest German supermarket corporation as of 2017. Founded over 110 years ago, The Edeka Foundation is a cooperative that consists of several co-operatives of independent supermarkets, all operating under the umbrella organization Edeka Zentrale AG & Co KG, with headquarters in Hamburg. There are approximately 4,100 stores with the Edeka nameplate, ranging from small corner stores to hypermarkets. The Edeka association aims to be “a strong partner for small and medium-sized producers from the regions, a reliable employer as well as a producer and source of inspiration for the food retail trade. We are there for our customers every day—with heart, competence and fresh ideas,” according to its website.

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